Introducing the Planmeca Promax 3D at O’Neill Orthodontics

Next-gen imaging is the standard at O’Neill Orthodontics

O’Neill Orthodontics is committed to excellence in patient care, and that includes practicing responsible imaging. We never take unnecessary x-rays and when we need deep images we now have the industry’s lowest radiation dental imaging technology: the Planmeca Promax 3D.

We’ve made this investment because we care about accuracy and comfort.

The 3D imaging system allows us to see your anatomy in three-dimensional detail. It can be enlarged, rotated, and divided in any direction, thus revealing critical information not always seen in 2D images. Having this kind of technology at our fingertips allows us to better diagnose and treat a wide variety of issues with accuracy and predictability. Its intelligence system also eliminates the need to retake images due to excessive movement.

Best of all, taking an x-ray with our new Planmeca unit is a very comfortable experience. You can either stand or sit in the unit while the imaging carousel revolves around your head. It takes only a few moments and for those patients who have a gag reflex, this offers an excellent alternative to bulky sensors inside your mouth. 

The next time an x-ray image is needed, we will most likely use our new imaging system. It will provide you with a unique and comfortable imaging experience while allowing us to deliver the excellent patient care you and your family deserve.

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