INBRACE at O’Neill Orthodontics

Looking for a truly invisible way to a better smile?
You’ve found it! Learn more about INBRACE at O’Neill Orthodontics

If you’ve already decided that you want straighter teeth, and you’re wondering if there is a better, truly invisible way… there is. It’s called INBRACE and it’s a new orthodontic treatment offered by O’Neill Orthodontics where the bracket is placed on the inside of the tooth, where it’s completely hidden. With INBRACE you can…

  • Keep it a secret!

INBRACE is put on the inside of your mouth, behind your teeth. Unlike regular braces or Invisalign, INBRACE is completely hidden so it is ideal for creatives, musicians, travelers, and others who enjoy an active and social lifestyle. 

  • Boost your self confidence!

You will have a straighter smile without any wires or clear trays over your teeth, for enhanced self confidence. 

  • Enjoy your lifestyle!

INBRACE is completely convenient because there’s nothing to remove, you’re able to brush and floss normally so there’s no need to stress over threaders and you don’t have to visit the orthodontist as often. It also gives you the freedom to live your normal life while working towards a straighter smile. 

Our unique office is located in New Freedom, PA – we’re an easy drive for all our PA and Maryland patients and provide top-notch care in a sophisticated, tech savvy office. Dr. Nancy O’Neill is a Board Certified Orthodontist and a graduate of the University of Maryland. If you’re looking for excellence, you’re looking for O’Neill Orthodontics. We can’t wait to meet you. 

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