Additional Appliances

Mouth Guards for Athletes

Play it safe! A mouth guard is your best protection against serious sports injuries, protecting not only your teeth – but your cheeks and lips while you wear braces. Sports injuries can incur major dental expense– but it only takes a second to pop in a mouth guard to prevent loss or damage to your teeth.

If you’re an athlete, ask about mouth guard wear during your complimentary consultation at O’Neill Orthodontics.

Night Guards

Teeth grinding at night, or Bruxism, causes headaches, damaged teeth and jaw pain. It’s not the fault of the patient, but can cause long-term issues if untreated. If you or a family member have experienced these symptoms, you realize: you need a night guard. Our custom fit, slim profile night guards are scientifically designed to relieve pain and discomfort of night grinding, leaving you freedom to breathe, talk and drink naturally.